Post 0: Prologue

Hello internet world and welcome to my first blog post: Post 0!

I’m another addition to this vast blogging world. Am I really that special among the millions of other blogs that you could be reading right now? I don’t think so, but this blog isn’t for fame or for followers or for likes anyway.

This blog is for myself.

Although this sounds quite selfish, I know this blog will help me reflect and be honest with myself and the world. I hope that this honesty, among all of the hatred and the lies that corrupt the world right now, can be a breath of fresh air for others. Through my own self-reflection, I hope others are inspired and also take to living life honest as well. An idealistic notion, I know. But, necessary in this world? I believe so.

This blog is also for better representation of the Asian community in America.

I shouldn’t be clumping this too-large group into one, but for the sake of clarity, I will, and I fully understand this generic word does no justice to the great diversity of this community. That aside, I know that this is only one blog, one person, and a few posts, but every little thing counts (one of my mantras). As a new blogger, I attempted to do research with how other Asian mainstream bloggers go about blogging in the American world. I found a small group and that’s it. I found an even fewer number of people who were Japanese and/or Korean, my two ethnicities. This upset me and this finding is one of the greatest forces that pushed me to finally create a blog. As a Japanese-Korean American, I know living as an Asian in America is not easy, and chronicling life as one is crucial to getting better representation within the American community.

(currently my fav talented blogger: Margaret Zhang)

This blog is for others.

To tie it all together, I just want for others to be inspired and take something good, anything, from this blog because I’m also just another person on this planet, just as confused and scared about life as everyone else.

Reading this far, could you tell I’ve got quite the dream? I may be too naïvely idealistic, at times, but imagination is crucial in my world and I think to the rest of the world too. I do have logic though, thanks to my parents who are quite the realists.


Sunflower in the Sun by Me


Phew, this was a pretty heavy beginning to my blog. I don’t plan on being this dreamy and heavy for all of it, but once in a while, reflection like this would do me good.

Well, I hope you enjoy this journey with me and I appreciate you for reading!


P.S. More info on me in the About tab!




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