Yoga Thoughts

[Actual first post!! 🙂 ]

Yoga’s become a recent favorite workout of mine. After spending an hour in a hot yoga class today, I realized that it’s becoming quite the passion.

It’s a reset of the entire body and the mind. When you enter the room, you leave all the negative out and let all the positive in and when you leave the room, you leave with an open mind (and a sweaty body, of course). It’s a great feeling that I never quite felt before when I practiced yoga at the studio near home. I’ve only started to feel this way since I left home for Chicago and went to yoga classes at my school’s gym.

The past two months in Chicago I had the privilege to take classes from Juliana. She’s a wonderful Vinyasa “flow” yoga instructor. Despite the stress of college and finals week, I felt released from this stress every time that I left the class. She simply guides you through the movement, physically as well as mentally, and the rest is up to your mind, your breath, and your body. I’m really glad that I ended up in her amazing class because that’s what’s been motivating me to keep me moving and not just spend my break eating food.

I also wanted to make a mention of my fav yoga pants which are made by Yogalicious. Never knew until recently that my yoga pants are made sustainably and ethically from plastic bottles with environmentally-friendly ink. They’re not the thin material that many yoga pants and leggings are made from, which makes stretching, dancing, and doing yoga super comfortable. Totally recommend!


Eco-Friendly is a word I like to hear!!


Got quite long again, but thanks for reading!





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