Sitting Up Straight

I’m writing this as I sit straight at the fourth floor of my college library at 11:32 pm. I never sit up straight.

I look in front of me to see no one sitting at the scattered chairs. The tables are empty and I’m sitting in the middle alone after a long night of homework and art. A huge abstract painting stares right back at me though. It’s an eerie organized chaos.

I’m currently taking an art class: Art 101 – Digital Foundations. We learn basic tools on Photoshop and Illustrator, which is not as difficult. The difficulty is creating the art on a blank canvas, essentially creating something from thin air with a wobbly knowledge of these programs. I’ve never struggled so much to create a piece of art in my life. I can do photography, but drawing, painting, cutting and pasting scanned or created objects into an organized, comprehendible piece of art is so difficult. It takes me hours upon hours to create a piece for one project and the class usually has two projects running at once. The entire course is rough.

But this being my second art class at my college has taught me quite a lot about art. Now that I understand the painful struggle to create pieces out of thin air,  I appreciate and love art even more than I did before.

Everything has a reason in art. It may not seem so, but each stroke and each choice that an artist makes on a piece is deliberate.

Artists fully understand the concept of how everything happens for a reason. It happens in their art, their creative process, their concepts. It’s difficult to accept this fact because everything that happens to us isn’t happy or they aren’t what we want. And often the reasons are never revealed. But I’m slowly beginning to realize that art is helping me cope with the fact that life is a collection of causes and effects. One can’t exist without the other and the other can not exist without the one.

And right now, I’m sitting up straight because of a reason that I do not know, but I do know there is one.


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