Being At Home

Being at home is definitely comforting. When I got off that four hour flight and stepped foot into the LAX terminal, my body just knew. I was sick on the flight (because finals week) and I could barely breath through my nose before and during the flight. But as soon as I got off, for some reason that moment, my nose decided to unclog and I could breath. Many could say that’s because I got off an extremely stuffy tube, but the feeling that my body experienced at that second is definitely something else. Simply knowing that I was home, my body felt naturally at home. It was a strange, but good feeling.

It’s been four days since this has happened and I’ve been living the true SoCal life. Basking in the SoCal sun, enjoying the beautiful weather, taking walks, riding my bike, buying/eating/living in Asian food, living the slow life. Going from a faster-paced urban city like Chicago to come home to Los Angeles has made me realize how true the slow life living is here. Before I left for Chicago, I felt trapped in this mundane, slow-life living. I found zero excitement in living in a place like Los Angeles or anywhere else in California for that matter. But looking back, I was naïve and ungrateful for the things that exist here. Those small things that make up the slow living here are now things that I appreciate a great deal.

I also have changed the way I pass the moments here. Even if the streets, the people, the places are the same as they were six months ago here, I found that constantly looking for small inspirations around me in a place like this keeps me busy and interested. I never did this before, which was what made me disinterested in the first place, I think. I firmly believed that there was nothing else to see. But I was wrong. In just the four days alone, I have learned and experienced my home and this area in a new light. It’s another strange feeling of seeing something that you thought you had a strong grasp on, but seeing it again only to find a bunch of other things you had missed.

I’m hoping that I can keep doing this during my long break at home (away from reality, really). I’m planning on working on a few projects as well as some other things while I have the time, however. I’m excited to take these on and have them be on a roll by the time the next academic year rolls around.


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