Inspiration Heaven, Content, and Other Little (Not) Things

A solid three month hiatus, as far as I remember, and here I am. Not much to say, but it was a poetically beautiful summer. Maybe not productive at the slightest. But still beautiful.

I’ve recently been even more crazy inspired from none other than Margaret Zhang, Pinterest, anonymous photographers videographers, Instagram pages and other people (pshh).

So as the next academic year starts, I have new goals. Sharing new content as often as I can. I would love to say everyday, but unfortunately I am not Wonder Woman or Margaret Zhang, so… I want to take more photos, build my portfolio, dress classier/more chic/nice-er/more me, and create wonderful content that would make other people feel the way that I feel when I see amazing content from beautiful people. Throwing myself out there with this. I want to connect, collaborate, converse and capture moments along the way. Hopefully I can. I am almost confident in myself, on the edge.

More writing, photography, constant changes, poems, fashion, self-portraits, content, and anything else that comes along the way. Life is such a beautiful art, why not share it and have others enjoy it too?

I let myself personally grow alone and with other people irl, but maybe it’s time to start setting my own personal brand online, my style and find at least one or more answers to the question, “Who am I?” I’ve been aimlessly wandering without specifics for a long time. I want to hone in on that.

What are you’re newly set or old goals that you’re striving towards? I think it’s better late than never if you don’t have any at the moment.

Good luck to all us students and everyone working to pay their bills and their goals.


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